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The lntelligence of Innovative Assortmens

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„We are convinced that the best results can only be achieved when we utilise our strengths in the supply chain, which is where they directly benefit our customers.“

  • Experience as a wholesale house
  • Innovative strength through in-house product development
  • Core competency: Recreational products
  • Steinbach offers a complete range of products
  • Sustainable business relations
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As a leading production and wholesale company in Austria we have greatest importance attached to continuity, reliability and service for the last 80 years. This is the principles of our service for our customers - for today, as well as for tomorrow.

Steinbach distinguishes itself from the rest of the market by its outstanding product quality, beneficial services and innovative solutions.

Steinbach „lntelligistics“- represents intelligence of innovative products for people and recreation. Our variety of services combines the reliability of successful logistics processes with the creativity of innovative assortment arrangement. Together with integrated customer service for resellers and consumers, we integrate products and logistics into successful concepts at the point of sale.

Unsere Kunden