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Exclusion of liability

1. Content of the online offer

The author takes no possession of guarantee for the activity, correctness, completeness or quality of the information. Liability claim against the author, which apply to materialistic or spiritual damage, which are caused by the usage or non-usage of the presented information or by the usage of wrong or incomplete information, are in principle excluded if on the part of the author is no provable deliberate or coarse negligent fault charged. All offers are conditional and not binding. The author reserve that there could be changes, replenishment, removals or the publication occasionally or finally deleted in parts of sides or the whole offer without individual announcements.

2. Online settlement of disputes information according to Art. 14 paragraph 1 ODR-VO:

The European Commission provides a platform for the online settlement of disputes, which you can find at To the participation in a settlement of disputes process in a costumer arbitration board we are neither obliged nor willing.


3. Reference and links

With direct or indirect references to foreign links, which are on the outside of the authors‘ sphere of responsibility, a liability obligation would come into force to prevent the use in case of illegal contents, while the author is aware of the content and it would be technically possible to him. With this the author explains that at the time of the link settlement no illegal contents on the linked sides were recognizable. The author has no influence on the actual and future organization, the content or the authorship of the linked sides. That is why he distances himself from all contents of the liked sides, which changed after the link settlement. This remark is valid for all within the own online offer settled links and references as well as for foreign notes in guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists, which are created from the author. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and especially for damages, which are created from the usage or non-usage of the presented information, the supplier on whom got referred of the side is liable, and not the one, who refers to the links to the certain publication.


4. Copyright and labelling law

The author is keen that in all publications the copyrights of the used graphics, sounds, videos and texts get observed, self-generated graphics, sounds, videos and texts get used and the author is going to access graphics, sounds, videos and text free of royalties. All protected brand- and article signs within the online offer and if necessary through a third party are governed by the absolute regulations of the certain valid labeling law and the right of possession of the certain registered owner. Just on account of the bare naming the conclusion is not to be drawn that brand names are not protected by right of a third party! The copyright for published self-generated objects just stays at the authors‘ side. A duplication or usage of such graphics, sounds, videos and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not permitted without a clear agreement from the author.


5. Data privacy protection

If there is within an online offer the possibility to enter personal or business data (e-mail address, name, address), so the betrayal of this data occur on the part of the user voluntary. The use and payment of all offered services is also without details such data or anonymous or as a pseudonymous permitted, as far as the technology admits it.


6. Legal validity of the exclusion of liability

This exclusion of liability has to be looked as one part of the online offer, from which was expelled to this side. If all parts or single wording of this text do not fully correspond, the other parts of the document stay unused in the same content and its validity.

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