Steel wall pools

Do you also dream of a swimming pool in your own garden?

With a little personal contribution a pool in your backyard is realizable and first of all affordable! The steel wall pools of Interpool are assembled easily and quickly. The sturdy construction allows the use all year long. A disassembly in winter is not necessary.

Stahlwandpool fuer Erdeinbau
Stahlwandpool rund

Benefits of a steel wall pool:

(depending on model, special editions excepted)

  • 0.40 to 0.80 mm high quality steel casing (galvanised and plastic-coated)
  • Solid (0.40 to 0.80 mm) winterproof liner
  • einfacher Aufbau
  • Aboveground or semi- resp. full-inground pools (see information for underground installation in the manual)
  • Height 1.20 to 1.50 m
  • With extra wide handrail and massive construction
  • No corners, hence easy to clean with a pool vacuum



Planning and preparation

Pool Standort


The perfect location is sunny and wind-protected. This allows you to use the power of the sun for heating and you avoid major dirt. You should also consider additional space as for solar systems, showers, etc.

Pool Varianten


How much space is available?
Where can the technical equipment be placed?

Pool Abdeckungen


Avoid intense dirt by using our coverings and preserve the pool’s temperature by a solar cover for a lengthy period of time.



For our steel wall pools there are several technologies to heat the water problem-free and cost-efficient, e.g. heat pumps or solar systems


Pool Care

There are several ways to perform an optimal water treatment. Whether it is the standard method of chlorine or the chlorine-free alternative with our Speed & Easy water care.

Infos zum Thema Pool


In our catalogue you will find different sizes and types of steel wall pools.


Picture gallery

Stahlwandpool Nuovo rund
Stahlwandpool Nuovo de Luxe - oval
Stahlwandpool Nuovo de Luxe - oval
Stahlwandpool Nuovo de Luxe - oval
Stahlwandpool Grande rund
Stahlwandpool Grande oval
Stahlwandpool Grande rund